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Post-gig musings

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Hey all – here a guest post from last Friday’s drummer, Ale.

Well, where to begin… I had a blast. It’s such a treat to be playing with Rob and Jon, and to be backing them on stage with the help of such excellent musicians – Rick, Greg, Rachel. Although we obviously had a couple of rehearsals, Friday was in fact the first time we played with the full line-up, and I was amazed how well it came together. The music is so much fun to play, but also a little challenging – all kinds of different rhythms, some tricky transitions, lots of changes in dynamics… so it was very gratifying to hear it all click into place so well. And then to have such a supportive crowd – thanks so for coming out and see us play! It makes all the difference.

Greg, Rachel and I will be joining Rob and Jon again for the next gig, at CaffĂ© Vivaldi on Tue Dec 15th. The setting will be a little more intimate, so we’ll be taking it down a notch – but only in volume: no-one ever said you can’t groove without playing loud! :) We’ll be adding a few new songs to the set list – really new ones you haven’t heard yet, and older songs we didn’t play last time. I can’t wait!

So, bring out your gig cards and come and see us – and if you don’t have one, come and get one. People are already trying to beat each other to that free-Hillary-Step-gig-on-the-site-of-your-choosing ;-)

See you the 15th! Ale

Pre-Gig Mantra

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

I am an acoustic rock warrior. The fact that I’m blogging after midnight, following a grueling day at the job coupled with a gig rehearsal that kicked my ass, and I’m still going strong says it all. Although I am still basically an anonymous speck who might someday show up on someone’s radar, I am still a force to be reckoned with, because I do not give up. I do not give in. I do not break down. And most importantly, I do not let anyone or anything break my will….Repeat 3 times and go to bed.