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Afterthoughts: Fontana’s

Monday, January 18th, 2010

The gig at Fontana’s was a lot of fun. It was great to have so many friends & fans in the audience. It was also great to feel like the band is getting more and more cohesive. These songs have gone through a long journey and are still in the process of evolving. It’s great to hear what the new musicians are bringing to them. A great example of this is Ale’s reinterpretation of the drum part on Olio. He manages to fill it out but doesn’t take away from it’s inherent melodic nature (strange to think of drums as melodic but they can and maybe should be). Another great example is Greg’s added electric parts to Shine All Your Love. He brings a little southern twang to it that is subtle but cool.

Working in the club scene in NYC is a fun and dicey proposition. This time, we ran into trouble with a missing kick pedal for a kick drum that when hit, sounded like it was reverberating in the middle of the grand canyon. It also was doing so in the same frequency range as the bass and thus it was impossible to hear the bass.

And yet, through it all, The Hillary Step persevered. The name ‘The Hillary Step’ comes from a part of Mt. Everest which is the last perilous section before you reach the peak. I suppose then that it makes sense that we should be faced with these kinds of perils…as long as we eventually reach the peak. Hopefully, we are on our way. Come see how we are doing on Feb 5th at Arlene’s Grocery…8pm.

Things to do (and not to do) before a gig

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Let’s start with what not to do. It’s probably a bad idea to accidentally land a knife on your fingernail and cut through the nail and into your thumb. I’d say that’s bad. Also, it’s probably a bad idea to try and learn two new (albeit previously played) songs on your instrument of choice given that you’re not quite all there with the normal repertoire yet. Things to do…get a haircut. That’s a very good thing. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be able to focus on their performance and not have to think about whether they have wings for sideburns or whether their grey hair is “too visible.” Play the new songs you are learning on your instrument of choice over and over again, I would advise 10 times through for each as sufficient. Lastly put Neosporin (or any other antibiotic ointment of your choosing) and band-aids (or any other brand of removable, adhesive first-aid strip) on any semi-deep cuts you might have received while dicing vegetables and having the knife land straight on your fingernail and cut through to your thumb. And don’t forget to get some good rest. It’s good for the pipes (the vocal ones, I mean).