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JT vs. CK

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

I recently saw the James Taylor / Carole King concert. I posted on facebook that I think JT kicked CK’s ass. Sorry CK, I am just being honest. As Rachel Dart said, watching Carole King was like watching Mom-Rock. JT is still awesome. In fact, his voice is better than ever, his song writing is better than ever and his band is amazing. Carole King was just kind of…eh. She sounds great at times and has one or two really good songs. And maybe there is no need to compare but when you watch the two of them together, it’s pretty hard not to. She is mediocre and he is amazing. He’s a Philly Cheese Steak and she’s a grilled cheese made at a lame diner…with soggy fries and out of tune cole slaw.

Mean? I hope not. Just honest. I still am glad they are both out there rockin’. Speaking of that, come watch The Hillary Step rock on 6/24 at 8pm at Local 269.