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Karen’s Song

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

My Aunt Karen is currently in the process of passing away. She has breast cancer and has been fighting it for a long time. She is a truly amazing woman who has fought valiantly for years now and never let her struggle get her down. A great example of who Aunt Karen is is the fact that she used to go to her chemo treatments with ‘fixins’ for ice cream sundays for all the other patients. I have never heard her complain, even when I know she is in great pain. She is a phenomenal woman and this loss will be very hard for me and all who know and love her.

Aunt Karen became my aunt when I married my wife, Annie. Aunt Karen is one of four sisters who are the matriarchs of my wife’s family. They are all amazing women and Aunt Karen has inspired them all immeasurably. My wife would not be who she is if it were not for Aunt Karen, who is also Annie’s Godmother. As Annie said, “Aunt Karen makes everyone around her feel so special all the time”. This is absolutely the truth.

One of my favorite songs of The Hillary Step is called “Small Steps”. It was inspired by the movie “Touching the Void” and it is about overcoming adversity one step at a time. Aunt Karen has adopted this song as her own and has said that it has helped her greatly throughout her illness. She has even shared it with fellow breast cancer patients and she often tells me how much this song means to her. She has also asked me to sing it at her funeral, which is going to be extremely difficult but is an honor beyond words. And so Jon and I have decided to change the name of the song to “Small Steps — Karen’s Song”. I am so grateful to imagine that a song by The Hillary Step has brought any peace to someone in Karen’s condition. That makes everything worthwhile.

Next Record

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

I have been thinking a lot about our next CD. We have talked forever about it being a “quiet record”. Originally it was going to be disc 2 of the 2-disc set that was going to be Note To Self. That became too big an idea at the time and we decided to go ahead and make it into 2 different CDs instead.

I love the idea of making a quiet CD, partially because the instrumentation will be so stripped down and simple. Seemingly this will be easier to make. However, I think it will actually be pretty tough. The more stripped down music becomes, the more crucial the individual elements become. They have to be dead on right and serve all their orchestration purposes perfectly. They have to carry the emotional weight in a much more specific way. It will be an exciting challenge.

But first…let’s get this sucker done. Any day now!